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Puppies are born with an immature immune system which puts them at risk. They rely on the immunity they receive from mom’s milk and then from puppy vaccinations to help prevent disease. Puppies and dogs who are given a antioxidant supplement exhibit a drastic increase in immune function. Nuvet plus is a great nutritional supplement for adult pets as well. It promotes healthy skin and coat, strengthens bone and joints, supports ear and eye health and helps keep the GI tract on track. Nuvet Plus is made in the USA and comes with a 60 day 100% guarantee.


Don’t forget all of our new puppies are going home with a sample of NuVet supplements. If you want to continue to boost their immune system ORDER AHEAD, so your new puppy’s immune system has the utmost protection! 


NuVet is your 1 stop shop for high quality shampoos, ear cleaner, and conditioning spray as well!


Be sure to keep your new fur-baby on NuVet throughout their lifetime for a longer healthier life!


WHY NuVet:

Early immune and Nutrition Support = longer healthier life with your fur-baby!

Helps pups transition to your new homes easier….less stress diarrhea, supports appetite, etc.

Human grade, Made in the US

Cold pressed, no additives = better absorption, no nutrient loss!

24 years in business, Perfect safety record.

We enrich our dogs diet every day with Nuvet Plus. All of our adult dogs are healthy and their coats are so beautiful! I would never recommend something I don’t use myself.

We also give Nuvet Plus to all our puppies once they start eating solid foods to boost their immunity, build strong bones and give a beautiful coat. We offer free samples of Nuvet Plus for all our puppies in their take home bags and encourage all our new puppy owners to continue giving Nuvet Plus after they go home too to help keep their new family member healthy.

NuVet = Piece of mind!

My dogs are staying happy, healthy, and active because NuVet has them covered!

And if you have a senior in your house, NuJoint Plus is great for keeping them active.

When you order, their customer service team will take care of you too (real humans, no robots)!

Order yours today!

Visit the website or call to order. 




Be sure to use your referral code 403145

NuVet supplements are second to none – We voluntarily manufacture in an FDA registered human pharmaceutical lab in the USA and adhere to GMP and USP standards. We use 100% human grade ingredients and cold process to retain the rich nutrients.

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