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Puppy Application


Email Address*

Telephone Number*



Number of Family Members*

Ages of Children*

Has including a new puppy in your household been discussed and agreed upon with all involved in its care ie: spouse, significant other, roommate etc. *

Please indicate which situation is applicable to your living situation*

Why have you decided to purchase a Shih Tzu puppy?*

Gender Preference*

Do you currently own other pets? If yes, please describe breed, spayed or neutered, and ages of each.*

Is your yard completely fenced? Please explain all that may apply: Securely fenced, Yard not fenced, No yard, Will fence yard, Other, please describe:*

Where will the Shih Tzu be accommodated during the day? Please describe:*

Will someone be home with the puppy during the day? If not, how long will the puppy be left alone? Are you willing to make arrangements to feed and exercise your puppy? (Pet sitter, neighbor, family member) Please provide details:*

Do you have the time and energy to meet the demanding needs of a puppy/dog for feeding, training and exercise? Explain*

Are you willing to take your puppy to ‘Puppy Kindergarten, socialization and basic obedience classes to insure that you have a well mannered, enjoyable companion?*

Are you aware of Health Issues in this breed, as no breed is without Health Issues? And are you committed to providing long term care should your adult dog become ill?*

Are you aware of the grooming requirements of the Shih Tzu? Please give details as to what your grooming regime would look like. ie: describe frequency, what products and tools you would use, etc.*

If not keeping your Shih Tzu in long coat, are you willing and can afford to take your pet into a professional groomer every 4-6 weeks? (Average cost is $45 - $75 depending on area of residence.)*

Have you ever given up or surrendered a previous pet? If so, explain.*

Have you ever bred your dogs or plan to breed in the future?*

This puppy is being sold as a family companion only, do you agree to have it spayed (females) by 9 to 12 months of age or neutered (males) no later than 1 year of age and submit a Veterinarian Certificate to the Breeder as proof of surgery for her records?*

References ~ Do you currently have a veterinarian? Veterinarian/clinic name:*

Are you interested in a particular litter?

Date *

Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

Dear potential customer,

Placing our puppies in the "right home" is our goal not only for you but for the puppies we have home raised with love. When you purchase a puppy from us, you are entering into a long term commitment. We want that choice to meet your expectations and provide you with a puppy that is compatible with your lifestyle and provide you with a lifetime of love and joy.

Please know all Little Miracles Shih Tzu puppies are placed into homes where they are going to live in the house and be a part of the family. These questions are not meant to be judgmental in any way, so please feel free to be candid in your responses. Thank you for your cooperation and your interest in a Little Miracles puppy. 

Best wishes!



Applications containing incomplete answers will NOT be considered.  All of our puppies are sold as pets only.  They may or may NOT come with an AKC Limited Registration application.  They will all be sold with spay/neuter contracts. This means that the dog is eligible to be registered, (if papers are supplied) however, none of the offspring are eligible for registration. In other words, this dog is NOT to be bred. A dog with Limited Registration, as well as a spayed/neutered dog can compete in all AKC events except in the Conformation (Breed) ring. Full registration considered only for known and approved small breeding programs. We do not sell our puppies to large breeding programs, kennels, puppy mills, flippers, or brokers. A non-refundable deposit and a signed spay/ neuter agreement are required before the puppy is considered to be held for you.  Please see how to reserve a puppy on this site.

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