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Our Mission 

Here at Little Miracles Shih Tzu, we are dedicated and strive to provide you with a well balanced and socialized loving family companion.  We raise our puppies in our home which provides them an enriched environment to increase their social skills and emotional stability right from the start. We introduce our puppies to love, sounds, sights, and touch using early neurological stimulation.  We know that a well socialized puppy is not only happier and healthier but also makes a far better pet for you. We specialize in the traditional colors of the breed with black pigment. Occasionally, we may have a liver.  Our breeding practices strive to outcross our breeding stock to enhance beauty, conformation and to provide genetic diversity. Our puppies are also raised in a smoke free home. Our goal is to provide our forever families with the best puppies possible. We do not raise our puppies on wire or in cages! They are raised in puppy play pens with room to run and play. In there, they are also trained to eliminate on puppy pads so the first steps to potty training are underway unlike puppies that are raised on wire. 

As a reputable dog breeder,  we work hard to uphold breed standards and protect structurally, physically, and emotionally sound dogs, because unfortunately, you will find many unethical sources out there with “cheap” dogs that are focusing only on making a profit off of their animals. For example, Shih Tzu puppies should continue nursing until they are at least 8 weeks old, as toy breed puppies do not have the enzymes necessary to produce glucose from the liver until they are a bit older.  However, sadly, I often see very young puppies at 6 weeks being sold. They do not genetic test their animals for health and do not take care in raising in an environment to promote healthy well balanced pups. It’s critical to note as well that a license to breed does not indicate welfare — only quality of care can do that.  That being said, many of our dogs have Championship lines. I hear often from clients that they do not necessarily care about championship lines and do not want to invest in the cost of a quality puppy, they just want an inexpensive pet.  However, good breeders strive for dogs who meet as closely as possible to the standards set for the breed. That does not mean that a champion line dog is perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect dog. It just means that the dog is being bred to have fewer flaws. In fact, the differences in a show quality puppy and a pet quality puppy sold out of the same champion bred litter can be so small that only the breeder or a show judge would be able to see it. Differences in determining whether a dog is placed as a pet or show quality can include correctness of bite, eyes, head, top line, angulation, symmetry and color of coat, coat texture, tail set, etc. The most important things are health and temperament and that is why we health test our parents and they receive yearly veterinary exams to make sure they are healthy enough to pass on good genetics to their offspring. However, nature can be cruel, and sometimes unforeseen health issues develop in the most carefully contemplated breedings. The best we as breeders can do is to try and ensure that the dogs in the breeding program are as healthy as possible. And of course, it is also very important to us  that we find our fur babies the best homes full of love and proper care for the rest of their lives. That is why we screen all potential homes prior to placing our puppies. We want our puppies going to only the best of homes. An approved puppy application is REQUIRED prior to being considered to be placed on our waiting list for our puppies.

What do you get when you make a Little Miracles Shih Tzu a part of your family?

 1.Our puppies are raised with lots of hands on love and attention. They are handled every day and come to you pre-spoiled. They are all well socialized to our grandchildren and to other family pets.

2. All of our puppies will be vet checked, come with a health guarantee, have their age appropriate vaccinations and be wormed before going to their forever homes. Our vet administers all of our puppies vaccinations, gives the puppies a complete exam, checking heart, lungs, overall health and does a fecal test for worms. You can have peace of mind that you are getting a healthy puppy!

3.Puppies are given a quality puppy food to ensure they receive optimum nutrition.

4.Puppies are started on pee pad training.

5.Each puppy will come with a puppy gift bag which contains breed information, puppy care guide, a sample of their current food, puppy pottie training pads, a blankie with mom's scent, and a toy.

6.Lifetime breeder support!

Our puppies are sold as PETS ONLY either without papers or with a limited registration. Full registration may be considered for known experienced small program breeders.


Reserving a puppy:

• A puppy application must be completed and approved before accepting a deposit.

• Puppies will be priced individually once born.

• We like to wait until puppies are nursing and gaining weight, when we know they are healthy and viable, to post them online. Once we know the puppies are thriving, individual pictures of available puppies will be posted at about 2 weeks of age. Most of our puppies are placed by the second or third week after they are born. Pictures will be updated as time permits. We do not guarantee photos to be updated every single week. It can get hectic if we have multiple litters so please be patient for the updates. Properly caring for the puppies is our number one chief objective.

• **** UPDATED - Real life is complicated and hectic.  As we are aging and slowing down, we find it necessary to implement some home safety and precautionary measures.  A component is that we are currently not doing any in home visits or pick ups. We can arrange alternate  accommodations by client ***

Puppies can be viewed at alternate locations by appointment only. Viewing appointments will NOT be made before pups are vaccinated  – NO exceptions. Day of appointment to view puppies, please do not visit other breeders or pet stores beforehand. This is for the safety of the puppies.  Our dogs are not kept in a kennel or out building, - they live with us in our home. Therefore for safety reasons as well as for our personal privacy, we do not allow random visitors; you must set up an appointment with us to view a puppy.

•I reserve the right to refuse or cancel any sale at any time if I feel the sale is not in the best interest of my puppy.

•A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 will hold the puppy of your choice. The deposit is non-refundable because at the point you make the deposit, we consider the puppy to be sold and no longer advertise it for sale. Again, deposits are not refundable for ANY reason, so please, be sure of your decision. No puppies are considered to be reserved and are available to other parties unless BOTH a signed contract and a deposit are received. Therefore, if a puppy is offered, details on how to reserve the puppy are explained but the signed agreement and deposit are not received within 4 business days after puppy is offered, the sale is null and void and the puppy will be placed back up for adoption. NO exceptions. We expect that individuals who express interest in a particular puppy should be prepared for this little one in every way (including financially) and ready to take all the necessary actions to secure the puppy. Lack of financial resources and willingness to sign and secure the puppy tells me that you are not capable to meet the basic needs of this puppy or if there were a medical emergency. 

Taking your new puppy home:

•Puppies will be ready to go home when they are fully weaned, eating solid foods and have age appropriate vaccinations (normally no later than by 10 weeks of age unless they need extra time due to slower maturation). No puppy leaves us before 8 weeks of age so don’t ask. 

•Puppies that are deemed ready to leave but are left in our care beyond the agreed upon pickup date will accrue additional fees such as but not limited to: fees for any vet care for additional shots, and a $25 per day boarding fee. No exceptions.

•Full payment by Zelle or cash is due at pickup or by US postal money order 2 weeks prior to leaving if using a pet nanny.  

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole,”

~ Roger ​Caras


Copyright Little Miracles Shih Tzus 2017.  All Rights Reserved. All photos property of Little Miracles Shih Tzu.

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